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Our clients figure out how to "dance" with stress - instead of pulling their hair, locking up themselves, and quitting.

  • You have a desire to unstuck and keep moving forward.
  • You’ve seen others do it – you know it can be done.

Life throws curveballs, stones, and arrows.

When difficult times are presented, one can decide to learn something from them and emerge as more significant.

Well, life throws trickier curveballs, bigger stones, and sharper arrows. One can decide to stay fall and never get back up.

Of course, that’s where you don’t want to be.

Hi, I am Hyunwoo Roh, an internationally certified professional coach, a behavior change expert obsessed with health & wellness. I am here to help you to find ways to dance with stress and peak your performance.  

Wellness coach

I have helped many people to navigate stress that led greater performance in work and life.

I say, modern human stress is a perceived thing.

I give you two truths.

One is there is no “ending” stress. It is here to make us stronger and better.
Two is when shifting perspectives, one can dance with stress.

The problem is not the problem. It’s the way we treat it.  

Shifting perspectives leads to permanent change.
Action plans or strategies lead to a temporary band-aid.

One must aspire to shift perspectives instead of making action plans or strategies to navigate stress.

A shifting perspective occurs when a person is asking the right question.

Levels of success in almost any industry or area correlate to a person asking great questions.

Ex) Peter Thiel: “Why can’t you achieve your 10-year goal in six months?”

A trained coach knows what to listen for and what to ask – to make that shift.

The most effective ways to shift one’s perspectives – that I found – are reading, writing, collaborative work, meditation, psychedelic therapy, and coaching.

With different perspectives and discovering what’s underneath the problem, one can ease their mind. (Though some truth can be uncomfortable for a certain period.)

With me, you may ease the difficult emotions you are experiencing now.

Instead of what you want, you will get what you need.

My end goal is to help you “dance” with whatever stress you have without my support and see many dancers worldwide.

Life is too short to stay knocked down. You gotta kick its ass and dance with a smile.

If you’ve been doing this for a long time but haven’t gotten where you want to be, this is an excellent place to start.

I am here for your breakthrough. I guarantee you will.

Contact me via limitlessroh@gmail.com. Let’s find out what’s best for you.

Disclaimer: Coaching is not providing guidance or education but figuring out what is true and best for one.

To find out more about what coaching is – and isn’t, please click here.

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