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Our clients become the boss of their health and wellness and quit delegating responsibility to others

  • You have a desire to improve your well-being & performance and unlock your greatest potential.
  • You’ve seen others do it – you know it can be done.

I see many people saying “I just need to do it.” – for months and years. And they bring their dreams to their graves.

Let me tell you how to live in a dream. You decide to face challenges so that the reality feels like so unreal – that it feels like a dream – then you are already in a stream of your dream life. That’s how you live in a dream.

Change is easier said than done. Getting out of the comfort zone and facing resistance and fear, dealing with emotions alone are real challenges for the majority of people. It takes motivation & courage, as well as information and strategies. Change is a journey.

Permanent change occurs when a person shifts their perspective. Shifting perspective occurs when a person is asking the right question. Levels of success in almost any industry or area correlate to a person asking great questions. 

Ex) Peter Thiel: “why can’t you achieve your 10-year goal in six months?” 

A trained coach knows what to listen for and what to ask – to make that shift.

Hi, I am Hyunwoo Roh, an internationally certified professional coach, a behavior change expert obsessed with health & wellness. I am here to help you to find ways to dance with stress and peak your performance.  

I have helped many people to make lasting lifestyle & behavioral changes to bridge the gap between their dreams and reality.

I had many health issues and acne was the most annoying one. Accutane and other medicines made me look good – for a while. When I got rid the meds, I became more pizza faced with severe digestive issues. I knew this for sure; I felt like shit.

Quick fixes don’t exist. Drugs can be a lifesaver and temporarily decrease symptoms. But they also have potential to significantly damage health – or even make it worse.

The point is not to get off medicines. The point is to find optimal health – sometimes with the drugs, if it is inevitable. 

I know this for sure, when diet, sleep, and stress are addressed, many people find that they may be able to reduce or even get rid of certain medications. This shouldn’t be the goal, but it is a very tempting side effect.

To thrive, it is critical to constantly work on balancing our lifestyle  – physically, mentally, and spiritually. I’ve done it, I have seen many have done it.

You can start unlocking your potential today. I will show you how.

Have you wondered:

  • How can I be at my best?
  • How can I feel empowered?
  • How can I improve stress management?
  • How can I develop confidence?
  • How can I increase self-efficacy?
  • How can make better choices?
  • How can I live my values?
  • How can I address my needs?
  • How can I stick to a healthy diet & lifestyle?

My job is to help you find the answers. You will increase personal responsibility. You will attain personal and professional goals. You will make sustainable behavior change. You will increase life satisfaction. You will increase self-awareness and self-knowledge. You will develop a sense of purpose and meaning. You will understand yourself better.

Together I can help you to create ways to:

  • Dance with fear and resistance
  • Stick to a diet – to function and perform optimally
  • Move more – to stay physically and mentally sharp
  • Quit smoking or any substances
  • De-clutter creative blocks and interruptions
  • Self-regulate – to be at your best
  • Manage stress – be peaceful which allows you to make better choices
  • Be social – to expand your life
  • Prioritize self-care and gain freedom for your health and well-being
  • Sleep better – to fully rested and charged for the extra mile
  • Reverse bad habits that are wasting your life
  • Create & maintain good habits to savor every bit of your life
  • Use your strength & wisdom to enhance your performance
  • Discover what you really want – and what you love
  • Mentally & physically thrive
  • Unlock whatever you’ve dreamed of

It’s all here: The right information and the right support.

As a blogger, my first focus is sharing general health & wellness information for improving the quality of life. Or, anything that I’ve found valuable.

As a coach, my focuses are facilitating goal attainment and enhancing the personal and professional growth and development of yours in personal life and in work domains.

Through my blog, I give you the information that worked for me and many people – which I wish I had before when I was struggling with my health.

I give you the right support to actually live in your dream through coaching.

But first, I encourage you to try to make a change, shift, and enhance on your own as much as you can. You will learn or win. Then get back to me – when you feel like you need a right support – for your another breakthrough. I will be here for you.

Ready to discover your new way of being and bring it to reality? Contact me using the form below to see how we may be able to work together.

To find out what a coach can do for you, check out this post for a brief explanation of what coaching is – and isn’t.

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