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Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be

Are you stressed out and want to balance your life?

Are you trying to enhance your self through a lifestyle?

Are you seeing a Functional Medicine Practitioner and seeking support?

Are you seeking for a deeper motivation?

If you’ve been struggling to make a long-lasting change, let me be your change agent.

Hi, I am Hyunwoo Roh, an internationally certified professional coach, a behavior change expert obsessed with health & wellness. I am here to help you to find ways to dance with stress and peak your performance.

Commit a few hours a month to transform your dream into reality.

You know what to do, but you just can’t change? or you don’t even know what you want? Don’t struggle on your own. Organize your head and achieve your desired state strategically and deliberately with me.

With me, you can:
See the big picture
You know an extreme makeover isn’t the answer. Take small steps that are powerful.
Make changes that last
Quick fixes over. You know it doesn’t exist.
Build confidence
Finish with self-doubt. Begin to trust your ability to master wellness.
Master the mental game
You know what you want to do. It’s time to turn your intention to reality.
Peak performance
Reach new heights through peak wellness
Develop your unique style of health
Choose your own style of health rather than using one-size-fits-all approaches
Win the wellness game
Don’t lose or quit.

I know how habits form: We have a pattern when we make a habit — the situation that triggers your action, and rewards that establish the habit further. Together we inquire and understand your bad & old habits and reverse them. We can also work on forming positive ones to enhance yourself.

I know how we change: We as humans go through certain stages when we make changes. Each stage needs different approaches. Together we apply different strategies to different stages of change.

I know how to find your motivation: We do nothing without motivation. We do everything with motivation. With your motivation, we are limitless. Together we discover your deepest motivation, then put it on your heart for self-determination.

I know what to do to apply mindfulness: The reward of being mindfulness is real freedom. But applying mindfulness can be challenging. Being mindful is a life-long homework. Together we find ways to practice mindfulness to set yourself free in the chaos of the modern world.

I know how to find your strengths: Knowing your strengths gives you confidence. Using your strengths significantly increases your performance at work and home. Together we will spot your strengths and utilize them to peak performance.

I know how to communicate without violation: Every conflict is caused by unmet universal human needs. Together we understand your side & the other side and find ways to meet everyone’s needs.

Why do I coach?

I believe that the reality is not limited to the perception we traditionally have used. When people unlock their dreams and are being limitless and achieve whatever they want, the world would be a different place. I want to be there to support them. Coaching is one of my ways to help the world for the better.

Every person is unique; therefore, every coach is unique. That being so, every coaching is a unique experience.

Do you want to experience Coach Roh?

We find THE solution. Together.

Book a consultation below to see how we fit.

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